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Regiment List officer's blouse
M36 service blouse for a Heer Unteroffizier in Infanterie Regiment List, blouse modified from the standard issue M36 early field gray service blouse. Has alterations to include added pointed dark green badge cloth collar with a single hook and eye, shorted skirt removing the lowest button and reshaping of lower pleated patch pockets. The ribbed cotton lining is stamped in black ink with Lago-Mü., and multiple sets of size and other markings. The mounted collar litzen are machine applied, the matched pair of slip on shoulder straps have dark green upper panels and wool piping, both collar and shoulder straps have machine applied metallic NCO tresse, the flatwire breast eagle is machine sewn through the lining and the left cuff displays a hand sewn a machine embroidered in light grey thread on dark green Infanterie-Regiment List sleeveband with grey thread borders. There are loops for a long ribbon bar and two breast badges, an EKII ribbon is sewn to the second buttonhole. A nicely worn service blouse showing light wear and age only.
Ex-Mike Davis collection and all alterations and insignia appear to be period applications.
$1,750.00 SOLD
In late 1944 Grenadier-Regiment 19 was the inheritor of the regimental traditions of the disbanded Infanterie Regiment 199 of the 57. Infanterie Division. It was given the honorific title "Infanterie Regiment List" denoting that the regiment carried on the traditions of the original Imperial Bavarian Regiment 16 in which Hitler had served as a Gefreiter during World War I. Members of Grenadier-Regiment 19 were allowed to wear a cuff title on their left sleeve (a 3.2cm wide dark green cloth band with grey-white edging and a so-called "copper-plate" style lettering with the words "Infanterie Regiment List"). It was one of the very few Heer Regiments so entitled.