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75th Panzer Artillery Awards & Insignia

The 3rd Panzer Division was one of the three tank divisions established by Germany in 1935 and included the 75th Panzer Artillery Regiment. The division took part in the Anchluss, the annexation of Austria. They participated in the invasions of Poland and Belgium, advancing into France. The Division prepared for service in Libya, North Africa but deployment was aborted and the 3rd Panzer Division served in operation Barbarossa  beginning 22 June 1941. It engaged in the central sector of the advance, was redirected south to participate in the Battle of Kiev. From there it participated in the Battle of Moscow, advancing towards Tula. With the Soviet counterattacks in the winter of 1941–42 the division acted as a stand-by emergency force and, in March 1942, participated in the defense of Kharkov. They saw action June 1942,advancing South towards the Caucasus. Initially successful the operation was ultimately a failure, with the division suffering heavy casualties, especially in the fighting around Mozdok. It narrowly escaped encirclement. Combat continued with the Battle of Kursk and in the retreat that followed. It remained on the Eastern Front; fighting in the Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Hungary. The war's end saw the division engaged in Styria where it evaded Soviet forces and surrendered to the US Army instead. The majority of the divisions soldiers were released from captivity by July 1945.