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A bit about us!
Often when buying over the internet you are dealing with an anonymous individual that you may have never met.  I guess I understand this with Ebay but it makes no sense to me on a web page.  I checked out a site that offered great material.  No where did I learn who I was dealing with.  When I emailed about an item I received the answer that buying was done through 'the cart'.  You expect me to just "add to cart" and send $?  I don't think so!
 So here is a bit about the blessed fella with the great family that you're dealing with!

Military Trader feature article
Military Mindset:  Meet Andrew H. Lipps of Wartime Collectables

I am originally from Mt. Vernon, Illinois and Gale is from the Adirondacks of New York.  We made Camden our home in 1992 and love it!  She is an accomplished Piano & Voice teacher and I attended Southern Illinois University and the University of South Carolina with a degree in history and my Masters+30 is from Francis Marion University in Learning Disabilities & Mental Disabilities. Militaria has been a career since 1983 along with our teaching careers. I retired from teaching in 2018 and am once again a full time militaria dealer.
Here is an article that I am very proud of.  Not because of what it says about me but because of the kids I am fortunate to work with!
Hartsville Teacher Finds His Calling

'Wartime Collectables' has maintained a presence at shows, mail order, a shop and on the web since 1983.  Though primarily interested in American militaria we have a knowledge base in military collectables from the UK, Japan, Germany & Vietnam. We attend very few shows and primarily purchase collections and sell in several venues.
It is our goal to offer only authentic material that that is either unique to the collector or priced lower than what one might find elsewhere. We stand behind what we sell and wish the buyer to be pleased to add the item to his or her collection.  My business is governed by scripture
1st Thessalonians 4:6
That no man go beyond and defraud his brother in any matter: because that the Lord is the avenger of all such...

Member of
OMSA, ASMIC, AAMUC, US Military Forum, Wehrmacht Awards Forum & OVMS.

We are always looking to purchase quality militaria and vintage toys!  Whether you have a single medal found or inherited, an interesting box of patches from an estate sale, or a large collection you have built with care for the past years; we are here, no pressure.
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We buy collections!


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