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Panzeraufklärungs Lehr Abteilung 130
Recon Feldwebel wrap

Heer black wrap for a Panzeraufklärungs Lehr Feldwebel who would have served in Abteilung 130 1943-45.
A pre-war quality, standard issue wrap modified for wear by an armored reconnaissance NCO. The rosa/pink collar piping was carefully removed along with the throat hook and eye, the issue collar patches were removed though their outline is visible. These were replaced with new collar insignia having golden yellow colored synthetic piping, affixed to each collar patch is an aluminum Totenkopf with rounded brass prongs, the matched pair of slip on shoulder straps also have synthetic piping and each strap has a gothic aluminum L and a single silver rank pip. The first type woven national emblem is as original, the right lower sleeve has a hand sewn, hand embroidered on dark green silver bordered Funkmeister specialty patch. The black wool wrap is lined with it's internal pocket bags, belt hook support straps and tie tape tunnels of light grey colored ribbed cotton, the black tie tapes have the HBT pattern weave, wrap has black ink size and B38 depot stamps. The body has been slightly shortened as is common.  There is a horn button sewn under the right shoulder strap for mounting the Panzer marksmanship lanyard that runs to the bottom hole.

Panzer Lehr Division: 130 Panzer Lehr Division.
The Panzer Lehr Division was formed 30 December 1943 at Potsdam from demonstration units of the various Panzer schools and led by instructors from those schools. It was arguably the best equipped of all the armored divisions. Their uniform was distinguished by the letter “L” for Lehr worn on the shoulder straps of all ranks of this unit: gold metal for officers, white metal for senior NCOs. Unteroffizier and lower wore the letter embroidered directly onto the strap in appropriate Waffenfarbe.

Transferred to France in February 1944 and then to Hungary in April, in March 1944 it received the Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyer. The Division returned to France in preparation for the expected landings. D-Day found Lehr in the Paris area and it was immediately sent to Normandy, loosing over 200 vehicles to Allied air attacks during the move. It fought the Allied landings but was soon forced into retreat.
On 25 July over 4000 tons of bombs were dropped on the division positions in preparations for the US Operation Cobra, they Allied advance from Normandy. An estimated 70% of the personnel were killed, wounded or disabled by the bombings. The Division was sent to the Saar for refitting and then to fight in the Ardennes. It was caught in the Ruhr pocket and surrendered to the US Army in April 1945.

Areas of Operations

Germany (Nov 1943 - Feb 1944)
France (Feb 1944 - Apr 1944)
Hungary (Apr 1944 - May 1944)
France (May 1944 - Aug 1944)
Western Germany (Aug 1944 - Dec 1944)
Ardennes (Dec 1944 - Jan 1945)
Western Germany (Jan 1945 - Apr 1945)