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Militaria updated 2/22/20 


Panzer Aufklärungs Recon Enlisted Black Wrap

Heer black wrap for a Panzeraufklärungs enlisted man.
A pre-war quality, standard issue wrap as worn by an armored reconnaissance trooper. The issue rosa/pink collar piping and tabs were carefully removed along with the throat hook and eye, and were replaced with insignia having golden yellow colored synthetic piping and collar piping, affixed to each collar patch is an aluminum Totenkopf with rounded brass prongs, the matched pair of slip on shoulder straps have matching Recon piping. The first type woven national emblem is as original, the right lower sleeve has a golden yellow hand sewn, hand embroidered Funkmeister specialty patch trimmed in silver and embroidered in the branch color. The black wool wrap is lined with its’ internal pocket bags, belt hook support straps and tie tape tunnels of light grey colored ribbed cotton, the black tie tapes have the HBT pattern weave, wrap has black ink size and B38 depot stamps. The body has been slightly shortened as is common.  There is a horn button sewn under the right shoulder strap for mounting the Panzer marksmanship lanyard that runs to the bottom hole.