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Awards & Medals Research by Wartime Collectables

I receive daily requests to do research on U.S. medals to the point that I cannot answer these as efficiently as I would like.  Below you will find a list of what types of research I can do.  I do this research for the enjoyment and of course hope that you might sell me some medals as well!  So while I have to charge for my time it is a minor fee.
The fee for this research is $5.00 per medal (cash or stamps preferred, check ok) and a long (legal size) SASE with all inquiries...no SASE, no reply.  Sometimes I can provide a lot of info and many times basic info that will lead you to other sources.  If I cannot find anything, I'll return your $5.00 in the SASE.

Mail to:
Wartime Collectables (research)
P.O. Box 165
Camden, SC 29020-0165



CIVIL WAR We can provide info on most CW Union officer's & enlisted men to include unit, service time, etc.  We have info on perhaps 1/2 of the Confederate veterans.  We cannot provide National Archives documents.  We have the medal rolls for No. prefix numbered Army Civil War Campaign medals (M.No. & plain numbers are not traceable) and the rolls for the Navy & USMC Civil War Campaign medals (these will be plain numbered).  We also have the index to MOLLUS medal recipients by medal number so we can look up your MOLLUS (Member medals only, not companions) and send some bio info on the recipient as well. We can also research traceable range UDC Cross of Military Service medals for WWI (WWI only).

U.S. ARMY OFFICERS  We have the Army Registers from the pre-Civil War period through Vietnam and can copy the service info of most all Regular Army and career officers and a small number of National Guard officers.   We also have West Point bios.  We have limited info on reserve or NG officers/

U.S. NAVY / MARINE OFFICERS  I am limited here.  I have bios of Navy Admirals, and awards listings for decorations (gallantry) to USN/MC recipients from the Civil War through Korea.  I can provide WWI DSC gallantry citations.

KIA's  We can provide basic info on WWI, WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam KIA's.  On most we can give unit but not always.  Service numbers are generally available with which you can write to the Feds.  If you have a named medal you want researched you must send a good photocopy or quality scan of the engraved area as it will assist in dating the time period of the medal.  Photocopies & scans are actually alot better than real photos. MOST OF THIS INFO IS NOW ON THE WEB AND YOU DON'T NEED ME!

CAMPAIGN MEDALS  Many numbered rim U.S. Army Campaign medals are traceable.  The prefix pattern of the number on the rim is important.  I.E.: Plain number, "M.No." prefix, or "No." prefix.  M.No. prefix numbers are NOT traceable and plain unprefixed numbers are only traceable on the USN/MC Civil War, Army Mexican Border Service Medal, the Army Spanish War Service Medal.  Below is a list of the number ranges we can trace...

CIVIL WAR No. 1-554 (also Navy Civil War)
INDIAN WARS No. 1-1927
CHINA RELIEF EXPEDITION No. 1-1228 & 1501-1634
SPANISH CAMPAIGN No. 1-7800 & 8001-8140
PHILIPPINE CAMPAIGN No. 1-23250 & 24001-25000
MEXICAN SERVICE MEDAL No.1-10000, & 100001-12529

State issue medals such as the New York WWI Service Medal are not traceable by the number, nor are the United Spanish War Veterans Medals.

GALLANTRY MEDALS I can provide some info on the recipients of American Gallantry awards such at the Medal of Honor from all eras;  the Army Distinguished Service Cross & Distinguished Service Medal, Navy Cross, & Navy DSM from pre-WWI awards through Vietnam.  I have partial rolls for the Silver Star for WWII & Korea as well as early WWII Aviation Awards.
Number rolls No. 1-368 as well as some citations.

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE CROSS Most of medals numbered 1-8000 are traceable to the recipient.  I have the citations for the WWI & earlier awards and the General Orders references & recipient lists for WWII, Korea, & Vietnam.
DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDAL Most of the medals numbered 1-2184 are traceable to the recipient.   I have the citations for the WWI & earlier awards and the General Orders references & recipient lists for WWII, Korea, & Vietnam.
NAVY CROSS & DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDAL I have most of the USN Citations for Navy Cross & Navy DSM for WWI as well as recipient lists for WWII, Korea, & Vietnam.

Numbered Purple Hearts, Air Medals, Legion of Merits, DFC's, & Silver Stars are NOT traceable, nor are DSC's & DSM's in the WWII number range.

I do not have access to WWI records for the Silver Star or Purple Heart.

USMC  Numbered rim USMC Good Conducts are NOT traceable.  Marine gallantry and posthumous (KIA) awards are, as are higher level USMC Shooting Medals.  I have listings of most Marines decorated with Silver Star, DSM, DSC, & MoH up to 1955.  A select few Navy & Marine campaigns are attributable but not many.  It's probably worth risking the stamp to find out though.

MEXICAN WAR OF 1847  I have the pension list of Mexican War Veterans which notes unit and state.  Often this seemingly simple starting point to research a Mex. War veteran is difficult to obtain and of invaluable assistance.

SAMPSON & DEWEY MEDALS I can provide copies of verification of medal qualification from the crew lists.  Generally research on individuals is not available except on select officers.