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Ground Combat!
Tanks, vehicles and related toys.

Tinplate coast defence / anti-aircraft gun
1930s-WWII German tinplate cap firing 5" cannon, unmarked, likely Tippco piece but not certain.  Excellent!

Thomas Disappearing Coast Defence Gun
Excellent condition 12" spring loaded cannon that 'rises from it's emplacement' to fire a shell at the enemy warships!

Marx kneeling machine gunner
Pre-WWII tin wind up toy machine gunner with clean litho and works.  Turn the crank for ratatatat effect, flint needs replaced to spark.
$85.00 SOLD

Marx crawling soldier
Pre-WWII tin wind up 7" toy soldier in lithographed tinplate.  Wind him up and he crawls across the floor in search of the enemy!  Wind up works fine though I don't have an extra key for him.  Surface age to one shoulder.  $75.00

Hubley Arcade post WWI cast iron tank
8" cast iron wind up tank with BB firing port on the top.
No damage, treads gone as usual, good paint.
$195.0 SOLD

Hausser Elastolin fortification
WWII composition and wood fortification measuring approximately 5" tall and on an 8"x8" base.  Clean and undamaged. $SOLD

Tru-Matic Machine Gun
Great authentic looking pressed steel toy Machine Gun manufactured by the Tru-Matic Toy Company, East Stroudsburg, PA. circa 1950. It's complete with cartridge and bullets on it’s tripod mount.  Spin the crank for a loud rat-a-tat-tat sound! Some minor dings and wear but overall fine with clear markings.

1/32 scale ALM (ACMAT) salesmans sample deuce & a half
Metal with some plastic fittings and rubber wheels, circa 1990's VLRA 6x6 with GREAT detail, heavy and well made.