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Militaria For Sale
Updated 1/14/2022

Attributed WWI Air Service Tenn. Aviator's Group
George Caldwell Furrow served on the Mexican Border with the Tenn. NG before attending flight training in California in 1917. He flew
Jenny's and floatplanes from Luke Field in Hawaii in 1917-18.  He was commanding officer at Aberdeen Proving Grounds and Luke Field, Pearl Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii. At Luke Field. Furrow was a part
of the important inter-war assessment of whether Pearl Harbor was susceptible to air attack. His group includes a fine Robbins 2nd style Ster!ing and hallmarked Aviators wing, a single U.S. And Air Service collar emblems, and a pair of Captain bars that were added for display.
There are several period and reprint photo, and some unique period original aviation training cartoons.
A Google search of his name will bring up links to his paper archive held at the Smithsonian.
$850.00 SOLD