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Updated 1/31/2022

Württemberg M89 4/26th Dragoons Sword
Attractive sword with a clean 31-inch blade and an undamaged steel scabbard and clean grip. The scabbard does show surface rust age as  shown in the last image. The blade is excellent and bright and etched
Regt.Konig (II Wurtt) No.26
on one side with the other having a scene of mounted Dragoons and the Württemberg crest. The silver guard is aged but undamaged and with a heavily detailed the Wurttemberg state crest and the initials of the trooper "LM" and unit designation "4/26", a rather scarce embellisment.
The 26th (2nd Württemberg) Kings' Dragoons cavalry regiment of the Army of Württemberg was organized in 1870 and in 1891 took the name of Prince William, and subsequently, King upon his accession to the throne as William II of Württemberg. They took part in Napoleon's Russian campaign, fought in the Austro-Prussian and the Franco-Prussian wars, and in the 7th Cavalry Division in WWI.