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Militaria For Sale
Updated 9/24/2021

South Carolina UCV Pair
A prominent immigrant businessman and South Carolinian. Arthur Edward Grabowskii served on Robert E. Lee’s staff.
His finely named Southern Cross of Honor is hallmarked to Crankshaw. Note the period added jewellers pin, Engraved
Col A. Graboskii
Further included is his unique 1915 Adjutant General and Chief of Staff of South Carolina Richmond, Virginia UCV Annual Reunion badge.

Obituary from Confederate Veteran Magazine
Col. Arthur Grabowskii, a Polish count, who came to America because he disliked army life and then spent fifty years in military service, and who became officer in charge of supplies for the Confederate army, died at Augusta, Ga., on February 26, at the age of ninety-three years. Born in Russia in 1836, the son of Count and Countess Frederick Grabowskii, of Poland, Colonel Grabowskii was educated in the Russian Military Academy in St. Petersburg and the Royal College of Agriculture in Potsdam, Prussia. Deciding he preferred the then pioneer America to the army, he came to the United States at the age of twenty and started teaching in Roanoke College.  From there he went to the Pennsylvania Military College, and remained until the beginning of the War between the States, when he went to South Carolina and enlisted private in the 1st South Carolina Regiment. He participated in the first engagement of the war, the bombardment of Fort Sumter, and fought throughout the struggle. He advanced rapidly to the rank of colonel, and during the last few months of fighting he was with Gen. Robert E. Lee as officer in charge of supplies.

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