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Updated 12/10/2021

A Photo Essay of Civil War U.S. Medals &

U.S. Civil War Campaign Medal
Awarded to Union Army, Navy and Marine veterans of the Civil War.  Numbered on the rim and early examples are traceable.

Purple Heart
Officially awarded beginning in 1932 and U.S. veteran's who had been wounded in prior wars could apply. Commonly found for WWI service, awards exist for the Civil War as well.

Grand Army of the Republic Membership Medal
Found in various forms indicating rank, position and level.

State 'First Defender' & War Service Medals

New Jersey First Defender's Medal awarded to veterans who had answered Lincoln's First Call for volunteers.
Reverse named to the recipient.

New Jersey Civil War Service Medal
Awarded to any Honorably Discharged veteran from NJ.

Massachusetts Minuteman Medal awarded to veterans who had answered Lincoln's First Call for volunteers.
Rim impressed naming to the recipient.

West Virginia Civil War Service Medal

Ohio Civil War Service Medal

Brooklyn, New York War Service Medal

Connecticutt Minuteman Medal

Numbered on the reverse and traceable

Society of the Army of the Potomac

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States.
Membership open to any honorably discharged Union Officer and a lineal male descendant. Numbered to the recipient and usually traceable.

Union Veteran's Union
A Civil War veteran's group devoted to the needs of the enlisted Union soldiers.

Veteran's Shields and Ladder Badges were purchased post Civil War to be worn at reunions, parades and Memorial holidays.

Massachusett's Wounded in Action Badge
A C1863 award named as awarded to
1st Mass. Infantrymen wounded in action.

New York 1912 Civil War Badge from the 50th anniversary of the 112th New York Volunteers and the 7th Company of NY Sharpshooters in JAMESTOWN, N.Y.

Gettysburg Reunion Medals & Badges
A vast number of medals, badges and ribbons exist for the reunions held at Gettysburg. Here are a few.
1893 25th Anniversary

1913 50th Anniversary

1938 75th Anniversary
Federally issued veteran's medal and veterans attendee medals.
These are the only Federal awards for the Civil War authorized to be worn for both Union and Confederate service.

Shilo Survivor's Association Medal

New York State Andersonville Prison Survivor's Medal

Individual Corps and Veterans Badges