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Militaria For Sale
Updated 1/14/2022

Decorated 7th AAF Pacific Liaison Pilots Group
IDed Liason pilot group from Master Sgt. J.W. Carter. Included are Liason Pilots named A2, flight suit, paperwork, etc.  An excellent A2 leather flight jacket with good zips and knit, nice supple leather with name tag and a fine STERLING pinback Liaison Pilot wing pinned above name tape. His A4 flight suit also features a Liaison Pilots wings, this one a fine incised leather, above his name tape. A named khaki overseas cap with direct embroidered winged prop and Aviation Cadet Instructor's badge.
Further included are a folder of paperwork including maps, training guides, and some research.
Misc. pieces are ribbon bars, homefront photo of wife, rosary, and a post war veteran's ball cap with assorted served memory pins.
Carter flew observation over Okinawa. His plane hit by anti aircraft fire wounding him and killing his Marine observer, J.W. Carter earned the DFC and Purple Heart for this action.
$1,500.00 SOLD