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Updated 12/29/2020

Named Tenn. Vets Southern Cross of Honor
An excellent example of a Crankshaw marked, pinback UDC Southern Cross of Honor. Note that the top bar has been turned upside down and professionaly reringed. Definitly period done. Probably to compensate for a broken ring but I wonder if the engraver accidently engraved the name upside down and it was easier to swap the top bar around than to erase and reengrave!
Period script engraved to
James J. Gillespie
The research I find pretty solidly attributes the cross to
Sgt. James J. Gillespie of the 4th Tennessee Cavalry.
The dates I assume are birth and death and I have not been able to confirm this for Sgt. Gillespie but no other veterans match.
The 4th Tennessee Cavalry Battalion was composed of various detachment until the battle of Murfreesboro in 1862.  The regiment served with the Army of Tennessee throughout the war and surrendered with it at Charlotte, NC, in May, 1865.
$325.00 SOLD