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Updated 9/4/2021

Display Mounted Lee’s Cavalry Veterans’ Group
Walker William Spicer was born February 2, 1847 in Culpeper County, Virginia. He enlisted at the age of 17 on March 19, 1864 as a Private in Co. D, 39th Virginia Cavalry Battalion and is verified on the regiments roll through December. W.W. Spicer died July 7, 1932 in Richmond, VA and is buried in Walker's Methodist Cemetery, Radiant, Virginia. He had six sons, his first son, Forrest Walker Spicer, 1872-1940, was likely the Sons of Confederate Veterans member who accompanied his father to reunions. The badges date from the 1915 UCV Reunion in Richmond, VA to the June 1932 42nd UCV Reunion, held again in Richmond, a month before his death.
The group was framed by the veteran's grandchildren in the 1970's. When I acquired it I added the write up inside the frame.
Note that all badges are excellent condition but have had pins removed for mounting.
The 16 badges in the display include
-1915 25th UCV National Reunion, Richmond, VA
-1917 27th UCV National Reunion, Washington, DC
-1917 R.E. Lee Monument Unveiling Gettysburg, PA
-1924 UCV Reunion National Charlottesville, VA
-1923 SCV Annual Reunion Farmville, VA
-1927 UCV National Reunion medal, Tampa, FL
-1927 Grand Camp Confederate Veterans Alexandria, VA
-1928 Grand Camp Confederate Veterans Portsmouth, VA
-1928 38th UCV Annual Reunion, Little Rock, AR
-1928? R.E. Lee Monument Unveiling Stone Mountain, GA badge & ribbon
-1929 42nd UCV Virginia Annual Reunion and 34th SCV Reunion celluloid, Petersburg, VA
-1929 39th Annual UCV Reunion, Charlotte, NC
-1930 40th UCV Annual Reunion Biloxi, MS with DELEGATE ribbon
-1930 43rd Annual Reunion Orange Virginia, UCV of Virginia ribbon
-1931 44th UCV of Virginia Annual Reunion Charlottesville, VA
-1932 42nd Annual UCV Reunion Richmond, VA
The 39th Virginia Cavalry Battalion was organized in September 1864 from the 13th Virginia Cavalry under Major John H. Richardson and were known as Richardson's Battalion of Scouts, Guides, & Couriers. Attached to Lee’s Headquarters, Army of Northern Virginia, they served as General Lee's personal cavalry command and participated in his engagements from Fredericksburg to Appomattox. On April 9, 1865, 80 men and one officer surrendered with the ANV.