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Updated 1/20/2022

Southern Cross of Honor to Louisiana Veteran & PoW

Excellent pinback Crankshaw SCH with period engraved top bar named to LOUIS DAIGLE. The Dangle family history is on line and says this about him.

During the War of 1861-65, Louis served in two companies that fought in different theaters of operations.  He enlisted first as a private in Company F of the 1st (Dreux's/Rightor's) Battalion Louisiana Infantry, raised at New Orleans, which fought in Florida and Virginia.  Louis's Confederate service record says he was 23 years old when he enlisted in the company at New Orleans in April 1861, but he was 24.  He was a resident of Brusly Landing, West Baton Rouge Parish, had a dark complexion, dark hair, hazel eyes, and stood five feet, eight inches tall.  He followed his unit to Pensacola and then to Richmond that spring and summer.  He fought in the Battle of Big bethel, virginia, near Newport News, in early July 1861. He returned to Louisiana and Port Hudson in August 1862, he enlisted in Company H of the 4th Regiment Louisiana Infantry, raised in West Baton Rouge Parish, which fought in Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, Georgia, and Alabama.  Also in the company were his brothers. Louis, perhaps because of his combat experience, was elected junior second lieutenant of his company three months after his enlistment.  He remained with his regiment until he was captured at Nashville, Tennessee, in December 1864.  The federals sent him to the military prison at Louisville, Kentucky, and from there to the prison compound on Johnson's Island, Ohio, where Confederate officers were held.  Louis remained at Johnson's Island until June 1865, when the federals released him.  He made his way home via Sandusky and Cincinnati, Ohio.

$425.00 SOLD