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Militaria For Sale
Updated 5/12/2022

A Selection of Imperial German Medal Bars

Ruess 3 Place Medal Bar
Includes Iron Cross, Reuss Merit Medal in Silver w/ Swords. Hindenburg Cross, and a worn War Service Medal.  $200.00 SOLD

Brunswick Group of Four
Hindenburg Cross, Brunswick War Merit Cross, Prussian 1842 Merit Medal with Swords,  and Iron Cross.  Beautiful court mounting with padded ribbon set and tailor tag. Mounted in reverse order?  $375.00 SOLD

Saxe-Altenburg Trio
1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class, Saxe-Altenburg Bravery Medal 1918 and Hindenburg Cross. $145.00 SOLD


Meckleburg-Schwerin trio
1914 Iron Cross, Mecklenburge Military Merit Cross, and Hindenburg Cross with swords. $200.00 SOLD


4 Medal Schuamburg-Lippe Group
Four with Iron Cross, Schuamberg-Lippe War Merit Cross, Hindenburg Cross, and Prussian IX Service Medal. $300.00 SOLD

Lippe War Merit Cross Trio

Iron Cross, Lippe War Merit with Swords device, and Hindenburg cross. On smaller bar mount that doubles when needed as a ribbon bar. $325.00 SOLD