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Unique Arkansas Veterans Southern Cross of Honor
SCH that was professionally period silver plated and is script engraved to JD Williams. Private John D. Williams served in Co. A, 22nd / 35th Arkansas Infantry and possibly the 17th Arkansas Infantry from 1862-65. Note that his UCV Camp,” Ft. Smith” has been engraved on the reverse of the top bar. John D Williams was born July 6, 1842 in Madison County, Georgia and died January 15, 1927 in Sebastian County, Arkansas and is buried in Fort Smith Cemetery. With research.
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The 22nd and 35th Arkansas were basically the same unit.
Col. Frank Rector led the regiment. The regiment had several names including: 22nd Arkansas Infantry (Rector’s – King’s – McCord’s Infantry), and 1st Arkansas Infantry (Rector’s Infantry, Northwest Division). The 35th Arkansas Infantry saw action at Helena on July 4, 1863, Little Rock on September 10, 1863 and Jenkins’ Ferry on April 30, 1864.

The 35th Arkansas was initially organized on July 11, 1862 at Fort Smith as the "1st Regiment, Northwest Division, Trans-Mississippi Department" with 1037 men. Also called Rector's War Regiment, 1st Arkansas Volunteers. It was then formally designated as the 35th Arkansas Infantry, and redesignated the 22nd Arkansas Infantry (not to be confused with an earlier 22nd Arkansas, which was redesignated as the 20th Arkansas). Co. A was from Sebastian County and included men from Griffith's 17th Arkansas. They surrendered at Marshall, Texas May 1865.

The 35th/22nd Arkansas Infantry was involved in the following engagements following Prairie Grove:
• Battle of Helena, Arkansas, July 4, 1863
• Battle of Little Rock, Arkansas, September 10, 1863
• Red River Campaign, Arkansas March–May, 1864
• Battle of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, April 9, 1864
• Battle of Jenkins Ferry, Arkansas April 30, 1864
|The 22nd Arkansas Infantry surrendered at Marshall, Texas, in May 1865.

The 17th regiment's first action was the Battle of Pea Ridge in March 1862. Some accounts tell that Rector's regiment did not acquit itself well. A Missouri CSA artillery battery claimed to have found the regiment's colors laying on the field and initially refused to return the flag saying that a regiment that would abandon its colors had no right to carry them. Another account of the 17th Arkansas' conduct at the Battle of Pea Ridge was given in 1895 in a letter from former Captain Ben B. Chism to Mrs. Harlow Bishop of Junction City, Texas:

"The 17th Arks. Infty Regt. Went in the battle of Elk Horn (Pea Ridge) in which battle the Regt. participated on both 7th & 8th March 1862. The Regt. was hard pressed and retired on the 8th for want of ammunition, it seemed the Confederate Army had pretty well all left the battlefield before the 17th retreated. The enemy pressed us hard. I remember this incident we had little or no ammunition and were retreating slowly when an artillery officer galloped up to Col. Griffith who was commanding (Col. Rector, owing to a severe cold could not be heard to give a command) and said to him, "For God's sake, save my battery!". Three or four pieces of artillery were coming down a hill side Col. Griffith answered, "Captain, I have no ammunition, but I can use the bayonet!". The command was given "Regiment into line, guard against cavalry". In this position we stood in line, until the Federal Cavalry had flanked us pretty well on the left, getting into our rear, at this juncture a Missouri (Confd.) Regt. passed near to us, making its way after our retreating army. When it was found the enemy was in or nearly in our rear, the command was given to move, and we started at a double quick, but we could not follow the army. my recollection is we moved North pursued by the Federal Cavalry. we were cut off from the main army and the pursuit of us by the enemies' cavalry continued till late in the evening.”
The 17th Regiment was broken up following the battle and when Arkansas called for the formation of new infantry companies, they reorganized as Rector's 35th Arkansas Infantry Regiment. The regiment participated in the Battle of Prairie Grove under this state designation. A rather confusing series of changes ordered by The Confederate War Department at Richmond renamed the regiment as the 22nd Arkansas Infantry.