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Militaria updated 8/10/20 


Pre-WWII USN Yangtze Barrier River Patrol Group

USN Good Conduct medal with engraved 1941 bar named to George Walter Grubb, an early ring suspension and wrap broach Navy China Service Medal, YANGTZE BARRIER 1937-38 medal engraved G.W. GRUBB, CY, USS LUZON,  and second version YANGTZE BARRIER W/USS LUZON reverse.

This group exhibits both versions of the barrier medal; one with a scuttled ship on the obverse and the reverse reads "Presented to / ------ / U.S.S. Luzon / Yangtze Patrol / for Privations / During Yangtze / Blockade / 1937-38". The other with a gate on the obverse and the reverse reads "Presented to / ----- / Yangtze Patrol / for Endurance / during Yangtze / Blockade / 1937-38".

The USS Luzon was the flagship of a fleet of 8 U.S. Navy gunboats built for service on China's Yangtze River in 1937-38. With a crew of 80 and armed with 3-inch cannon and .30-caliber machine guns, they patrolled the Yangtze River protecting American interests from Chinese warlords and bandits. When the Japanese attacked Shanghai, the Luzon evacuated the American Embassy. The Luzon was scuttled in Manila Bay on May 6, 1942 to prevent her capture.
$2,750.00 SOLD