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Updated 12/05/2020

Rim Engraved North Sea Mine Barrage Navy DSM Trio
WW1 USN Distinguished Service Medal awarded for life saving to an enlisted sailor. The WWI contract split wrap broach Navy DSM is in its' BB&B untitled case with lapel rosette and matching mounted miniature medal. The full sized DSM is neatly rim engraved
His DSM Citation reads...
Chief Gunners Mate George Gourley U. S. N . For exceptionally meritorious and distinguished service as a member of the crew of the U. S. S. Curlew, which when engaged in mine clearing work in July 1919. A mine exploded near the stern of the ship sending a wave of water over the aft end washing two of the crew overboard. Gourley jumped into the rough, almost ice-cold water with another mine exploding in the vicinity and rescued one of them, the other sailor was lost.
Further includes his WW1 Victory Medal with stiff ribbon and a narrow back strap MINESWEEPING bar. Last is his scarce North Sea Mine Squadron medal.
The Minesweeper Curlew left Boston after commission on 5 April 1919. Arriving in Scotland, she was fitted out for experimental minesweeping in the North Sea minefields. The Curlew returned to Portsmouth Navy Yard on 26 November 1920.