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Updated 12/03/2020

WWI Army Aerial Photography School, New York Instructor’s Group
Identified group to Robert Marshall, an Instructor at the Army’s Aerial Photography School in Rochester, NY during WWI. Included are his rare Instructor badge, hallmarked, his celluloid INSTRUCTOR badge, a Medina, NY local issue service medal with neatly script engraved naming, and assorted insignia from his wartime service. More on the school follows the pictures.
$1,250.00 SOLD
The following history is from The Kodak City goes to War: Rochester’s Aerial Photography School.

Kodak not only created the Kodak A-2 aerial camera which was widely used during the war, but it also instigated the establishment of the U.S. Aerial Photography School in Rochester. In early 1918, the company offered the federal government two acres of floor space of its new building at Kodak Park to serve as the school’s barracks, dark rooms, class rooms and lecture halls. Rochester offered Genesee Valley Park’s Baker Field for an airplane hangar.