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Identified Special Forces Group
An interesting group as found in a period briefcase with Special Forces motif painted
on the exterior and inserted inside is the vets post-Vietnam university of Ohio class schedule from 1975!
The group includes his 3rd model jungle jacket, sleeves still rolled as worn. Features late US made insignia, Vietnamese woven jump wing, and Vietnamese made Special Forces CCC pocket patch. Patch is a wartime original, no question. It shows all indications of having been there since the early 70’s and is sewn through the pocket, this is a ‘club’ jacket of course, not something one wears in the field!
There are two excellent Special Forces presentation plaques to include one from 1971 for service in the Cambodian Training Unit, SF Advisors training the fledgling Cambodian SF.
The loose insignia includes ribbon bars, CIB, crests, and more. Much of which was apparently affixed to something else at some point. Lastly a large portrait photo of the veteran!
I have little research on the veteran but did find that he earned his Combat Infantry Badge in 1966 serving with the Special Forces in Vietnam!  Even includes his Ohio VFW hat!
$2,500.00 SOLD