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Militaria updated 7/13/20 


Pre-WWI US Artillery Insignia
  A fine collection of early U.S. Army collar insignia. These were originally in the Duncan Campbell collection and were recently acquired from William Emerson. Several are the examples used in his ‘must have’ reference

Encyclopedia of US Army Insignia and Uniforms

(Note B# code is simply for my inventory)
B1 1901-02 Artillery branch gilt insignia with enameled oval. Rare as hens’ teeth variation! Pinback with two sew-on loops as well.  $80.00 SOLD

B2 1902-05 pattern field artillery officer gilt insignia.  Sew-on loops. $80.00 SOLD

B3 1902-05 pattern Artillery officer bronze finish insignia. Sew-on loops, sterling marked. $75.00 SOLD
B4 1902-05 Artillery officer bronze insignia with oval behind wheel in red enamel. Sew-on loops. $85.00

B5 1902-05 Chaplain assigned to field artillery. Bronze pin-back insignia. $120.00
B6 1902-05 pattern Field Artillery Quartermaster officer bronze insignia officer. Pin-back. $90.00

B7 1905-07 pattern Artillery officer gilt insignia.  Sew-on loops, convex shape with BB&B hallmark. $80.00

B8 1905-07 pattern Artillery officer gilt insignia.  Four wire fasteners. $80.00

B9 1905-07 pattern field artillery Adjutant officer gilt insignia . Sew-on loops. $90.00