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Panzer Grenadier Gold Wound Badge Group

Pz.Gren.Rgt. Group to Feldwebel Hans Ohr
Feldwebel Johann "Hans" Ohr, was born in Nördlingen in 1923. He moved from the Deutches Jungvolk to the Hitler Youth where he earned the Kreisseiger badge in 1939. From there he served in the RAD and in 1942 he joined the Wehrmacht. Feldwebel Ohr served with Stab II./Panzergrenadier-Regiment 40 of the 17.Panzer Division in 1942 and with Stab Panzergrenadier Regiment 114 of the 6.Panzer Division from August 1943 until 1945. He would have seen action in the Battle of Charkow and the Kurland battles as well as the very last battles in Hungary and Austria.
Ohr was awarded the Wound Badge in Black (2.10.1942), the Wound Badge in Silver (20.3.44), the Iron Cross 2nd Class (28.5.1944), the Wound Badge in Gold for five wounds (22.6.44) and the Bronze Panzer Assault Badge (23.6.1944). His awards are noted in the last pages of his Soldbuch. All certificates are in excellent condition and thr Tank Assault Badge certificate is signed by the Commander of Panzergrenadier Regiment 114 Dr. Paul Stahl, Oak Leaves to the Knights Cross.

The certificate to the Iron Cross 2nd Class is a special XIII. Armeekorps print and issued in Nürnberg in May 1944. Feldwebel Ohr's green piped XIII shoulder boards and a photo of Ohr wearing the boards remain with the group. The Soldbuch is well filled out with a photo shows Ohr in a field cap. A superb medal set completes the group! All are neatly mounted on a board without damage to the awards and clear shadows on the green board attesting that the awards have rested there many years.

Feldwebel Ohr served with the DJ and HJ and was awarded the National Trade Competition Kreissieger 1939 badge. A nice example by Hermann Aurich. His Ges.Gesch. marked enamel DJ membership badge and his HJ achievement badge marked RZM M1/120 are included as is a RAD enamel  lapel pin. His 1939 Iron Cross 2nd Class is 76 maker marked. Mounted on the original ribbon with a small Iron Cross bow next to it. The Tank Assault Badge in bronze is an early, well worn, zinc piece with original pin and catch intact. The Wound Badges come with a matching miniatures. The miniature to the Wound Badge in black is L/21 marked, the miniatures to the silver and gold I can not check since the sit very firmly on the board. The Wound Badge in gold is a nicely worn L/14 marked piece made from tombak, the Wound Badge in silver is a L/58 marked, his Wound Badge in black is unmarked.

There is his Work Book an the DAF membership book, a DRGM Wehrpaß cover, his beautiful colorized portrait photo, and  his shoulder boards.