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27th Panzer Artillery Regiment Soldbuch
Solid with original photo of the soldier in his black Panzer wrap blouse. Identified as a member of the 27th Panzer Artillery Regiment of the 17th Panzer Division. He earned the Eastern Front Medal, the Iron Cross IInd Class (Feb. 9, 1942), and the Panzer Assault Badge.  Soldbuch covers from his enlistment in 1942 through 1945. More history follows the photo’s.

$185.00 SOLD

The 17th Panzer Division served on the Eastern Front beginning in June of 1941 and saw action in the Minsk encirclement and the Battle of Moscow and the relief of Stalingrad. Losses by the 17th Panzer Division in the campaign in Russia were so heavy that by Christmas Eve 1942, the division fielded only eight operational tanks and one anti-tank gun. Units of the 17th Panzer Division continued the retreat towards the Don bridgehead at Rostov-on-Don, which it reached at the end of January 1943. Re-equipped afterward with 50 new Panzer IV tanks, the division took part in counterattacks between the Mius and the Donets rivers. By 27 February, the division had again been reduced to less than 2,000 men, six tanks and ten anti-tank guns but avoided further destruction when Soviet forces withdrew. They suffered heavy casualties in the Russian Front while inflicting heavy damage on the Soviet forces in return. The 27th Panzer Artillery was reduced in size to a Battalion. They surrendered to the Soviets in May 11, 1945.