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Mt. Troops Gebirgsjager Officer Monte Cassino KIA Group
Lt. Hans Siebzehnrubl, Gebirgsjaeger Regiment 95 of the 5. Gebirgs Division, served as a Gebirgs Pionier.  A fine group originally acquired from the man's brother. The officer served in Wolchow and Monte Cassino and was killed by British tanks shortly after evacuating the Abbey. The grouping comes with his excellent condition greatcoat with Lt. boards and Gebirgsjaeger patch. Also his Gebirgspionier officer visor cap piped in black for Pioneer and with edelweiss Mt. Troops insignia in very good condition. His Wehrpass details his medals and campaigns to include: Iron Cross First Class award document (POSTHUMOUS AWARD) with facsimile signature Fallschirmjaeger General Heydrich, General Assault Badge award document with original signature of Battallion Commander, Iron Cross Second Class award document with original signature of the Commander of 223 Inf. Div. General Rudolf Luters, Black Wound Badge award document with original signature of the Battalion Commander. There is an original letter to Hans' mother from the Komp Fuehrer forwarding the posthumous EK1 and document, there are other documents related to his service and death and original photographs.
The group is further documented by notes from the gentleman who purchased the group from the officer's brother and letters from the brother. A large binder of research accompanies this grouping.

$2,250.00 ON HOLD