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Confederate Survivors Association
The Confederate Survivors Association formed after the American Civil War by veterans of the Confederate States Army as a benevolent, historical and social fraternity dedicated to preserving the memory of those who served in the Confederate military. The Cavalry Survivors Association formed in August 1866 and merged with the newly formed Confederate Survivors Association on May 3, 1878. Former Confederate General Goode Bryan presided over the first organizational meeting of the new CSA based in Augusta, GA. A CSA chapter formed in 1880 in York, SC and a prominent branch grew in  Charleston. 
On June 2, 1879, the city of Augusta gave custody of the chimney of the city's Confederate Powderworks to the CSA to "beautify it and protect it from injury as a Confederate Memorial." The group restored the brick chimney and added a memorial plaque.
The CSA adopted the United Confederate Veterans' constitution in February 1894 and the Augusta Confederate Survivors Association was renamed Camp No. 435 of the United Confederate Veterans, keeping its original name. They harbored concerns over losing the CSA initials and petitioned the UCV to change its name to Confederate Survivors Association. At its peak, the CSA had over 900 members throughout Georgia and South Carolina.
In December 1898 after the Spanish–American War, President William McKinley toured the South by train to celebrate the victory over Spain and to thank the citizens for their support of the war effort. During a whistle stop in Macon, Georgia, the 400 members of the Bibb County CSA camp warmly greeted the President, and one veteran presented him with a Confederate badge. McKinley may have been the only U.S. President to wear the emblem in public.
Commanders of the CSA included
Gen. Clement A. Evans 1878
 Col. Charles Colcock Jones, Jr. 1879
Capt. F. E. Eve 1894
Salem Dutcher 1897
H. B. Smith 1899
George W. McLaughlin 1900
 George T. Lamback 1912
A. J. Twiggs 1921
Gen. J. D. Fooshee 1936