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Updated 11/20/20

Civil War Vintage Infantry Cpl.s Chevrons
Some damage to edges and removed from a uniform. These are doubtless wartime worn but not standard Federal issue. The backing is correct uniform color blue wool. The chevron themselves are made of grosgrain ribbon. Typically these are of wool, silk ribbon or woven cotton. Grosgrain material is durable and was readily used during the 1800's.  Many states and private contractors supplied uniforms and chevrons for state and militia troops and doubtless these were for a state or militia enlisted frock or sack coat.

"Once the American Civil War was well underway, extensive logistical planning started. Uniforms, accoutrements and equipment for nearly three million men were needed. Arsenals were expanded, new ones created, individuals contracted for piece work and assembly at both arsenals and private companies. Various military goods were purchased by national, state governments, patriotic wealthy private citizens." Civil War Uniforms and Accoutrements by Alan C. Aimone.
$125.00 SOLD