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RT New Hampshire CCC Recon Group
Recon Group: 101st, Delta B52 and RT NH SOG
A fine, well documented group to a multi-tour vet who began his Recon career with the 327th PIR of the 101st Airborne in 1967, moved to Special Forces and Recon in Project Delta B-52, and finally serving as 1-0 of Recon Team New Hampshire in SOG serving in-country through 1971. Edgar Morales is found in Jason Hardy’s SOG book i(ncluded with the group).
Included are the Sergeant’s theater made 2/327 HAWK RECON scroll, as well as his RARE CCC RECON skull & bomb burst patch. Further insignia as removed from his Class A uniform and a SOG Mess Association card.
$1,200.00 SOLD

photo's from Jason Hardy's SOG references